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Dec 31, 2019 New Android App : Crunchyroll I've seen a few posts recently with screenshots of the new Android app. Does anyone know when this becomes available to everyone? There is no new app or update for the existing crunchyroll app on my phone. I'm using a One Plus 6 if that makes a difference. Though I imagine it does't. Crunchyroll - Help - Android If that does not work, try going to Android > Settings > Applications and clearing the app data for Crunchyroll. And if that does not work,

New Android App : Crunchyroll

Apparently crunchyroll for Android tv has an update labeled 2.0.0 that seems to have inprover the interface compared to version 1.1.0. Was released in April but my app … My Android app will not start or crashes on startup Crunchyroll: Appstore for Android

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