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Throttle Body Bypass | Camaro Forums at Apr 13, 2003 DIY: Throttle Body Coolant Bypass 2.0 | 2016+ Honda Civic Jun 20, 2018 Throttle Body Bypass - Install University BMR Throttle Body Bypass Kit * Flathead screwdriver; Pliers; Rag; Expect approximately 5 minute – 20 minute install time. * We found that it is easier to order the parts for the small price rather than run around town all day hunting down the parts. Date: July12, 2000 Car: 1999 Z28 Camaro, 13,850 miles

The throttle bypass valve, sometimes called intake air control valve, is a small metal part under the hood that controls the air that goes into your engine, allowing your car to idle properly. If this valve gets dirty or broken, air won't flow smoothly through your engine and your car will have a hard time idling.

TPS Bypass Plug, Yamaha 2004-2011 YFZ 450 The Sparks Racing TPS Bypass Plug is a very simple fix for a seemingly complex problem within the 2004-2011 YFZ450 ignition system. The YFZ ignition actually has two timing curves, a partial throttle curve and a full throttle curve. In stock form, the YFZ has a very noticeable hesitation or stumble when accelerating and this is due to the poor transition between the partial and full throttle OneDrive OneDrive

throttle body coolant bypass. manufacturers run coolant through the throttle body to heat it up. this has some desirable results, the first being that the throttle body won’t freeze and stick when driving in freezing cold weather and to heat up the air to improve fuel economy.

1997-2004 Corvette Throttle Bypass Tube. Part Number: 25-109344-1. Adds up to 5hp (Rear Wheel) 5-minute Installation; This tube allows hot water to by-pass the throttle body, thereby yielding cooler inlet air. For every 10 degree drop in air temperature you realize a 1% horsepower gain. I haven’t done the bypass yet so that’s stock (albeit when I installed the supercharger I had to rotate the throttle body 180 degrees so it’s bottoms up compared to a n/a truck) but I’ll try my best to draw it out here, red is where the line would run, blue is just the caping of the throttle body. Chevy Camaro 5.7L 2001, Throttle Body Water Bypass Kit by BMR Suspension®. Increase power on your LS1-equipped GM F-bodies vehicle with a Throttle Body Water Bypass kit from BMR Suspension. GM cars circulate hot coolant through the throttle body coolant bypass. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 14 of 14 Posts. ltborg · Registered. Joined Dec 16, 2003 · 354 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 21 OneDrive