How to Pause, Clear, and Delete Videos from Your YouTube

How to clear and disable the YouTube Watch and Search history Oct 01, 2019 How to Delete Search History on YouTube | Techwalla Delete Search History: Log in to YouTube and visit your account's Video Manager page. Select … Here's how to delete that embarrassing YouTube history

To remove the entire searches activity click on the button on right “clear all search history”. How to pause your activity. There is also an additional option. YouTube has come up with the special feature of pausing your activity tracking. By clicking the button “pause search history” one can actually stop YouTube …

From the same menu, click on ‘Clear All Search History’ The ‘Pause history’ option is available here too, as well as erasing a specific search term. The images included below illustrate all the options you have. Delete YouTube watch and search history on Android and iOS: Step-by-step. The process on mobile is similar to the one on desktop. Mar 02, 2014 · In this Video You Will Learn How to Delete Permanently Google Search History! In the Previous Videos we have learned that, How to Delete Permanently YouTube Search History: You can clear your browsing history on an iPad in a few ways, removing individual visits, clearing batches, or deleting all of your history at once.

Jul 04, 2018

You can clear your browsing history on an iPad in a few ways, removing individual visits, clearing batches, or deleting all of your history at once. Deleting YouTube Search History. Next, we'll cover all of the methods for deleting search history on YouTube. This should be particularly helpful if you have any embarrassing queries that you don't want other people to see. Method 1: Clear Search History in the YouTube App. To clear your search history, start by opening the YouTube app. Nov 02, 2014 · Tap the “Search” section and then tap on “Clear search history”. This will clear previous searches from showing up in the search box. Step 3: On some devices, such as Androids, there is an option to disable a search history. Under the Menu, select Settings. Under settings, look for and select the “Search” category. Feb 04, 2014 · How To Hide Your YouTube History 0:00 If you'd like to hide your YouTube history from the front of your YouTube channel, then this video is for you. 0:29 When you set up your YouTube channel, the default settings on it have your history on the front. So, we're going to head over and I'm going to show you the two checkboxes you need to check in Community history (Allows you to access all Community posts, Comments and replies activity). These are the four types. Now we will see how to check them, view and erase in a simple manner. How to View and Delete Youtube Search history. You may wonder how can we access and manage the history on YouTube. Don’t worry it’s just a few clicks Dec 08, 2018 · Clear YouTube history from Android. The process for clearing your YouTube history from Android is similar to that of iOS. There seem to be a few updates of the YouTube app floating about though and I have seen at least three different UIs and ways to access history so you may have to search a bit to see yours.