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Nov 01, 2010 · Ever wanted a Playstation 3 laptop, but didn’t have the DIY chops to make your own? Well modder low_budget has a solution for you. He’s making PS3 Slim laptops and started selling them on eBay. Dec 09, 2013 · I was trying to connect my ps3 to my laptop via hdmi funny, because nothing happened [its supposed to switch to the ps3 display automatically] So i checked whether my laptop has an hdmi in port, or if its just an hdmi out laptopmag says it has an hdmi in/out the verge says it has an hdmi out only Jun 16, 2017 · Make sure it's up to date. Check out the settings of your skype and check if the webcam is available on the list. Thanks, Rommell_C Skype Community Moderator. My PS3 stopped working with Skype several years ago. I have the latest PS3 driver and the latest Windows 10 Skype. The camera is recognized by windows 10 and passes the PS3 -eye test. Can you use your laptop with some video capture device to display your Playstation 3 on the screen of your laptop? Yes. Can you play video games on it? No. The lag introduced by the video capture system will make it unplayable.

For PS3, the console's peripherals, including its Dualshock 3 and Sixaxis gaming controllers, remote control, keyboard, mouse and headset communicate via Bluetooth technology. The use of Bluetooth in the PS3 should allow for universal connectivity for PC gaming; however, the PS3's wireless gaming controllers are not compatible with a PC without

Feb 03, 2010 How to Use PS3 Controllers on PC Through Xinput on Windows How to Use PS3 Controllers on PC Through Xinput on Windows 7/8/10: Here is a simple tutorial to get up to four PS3 controllers working through Xinput on your Windows 8/7/Vista PC. The advantage of this is that any game that Xbox 360 controllers natively work with, now PS3 controllers will …

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PS3 Slim Laptop | Web Portal for Benjamin J Heckendorn hi! I looooved this one!!! i wish i can buy it!!! but about the name….[PS3 Slim Laptop]. its more like a Portable DVD Player than a Laptop… before (in the Xbox360 or PS3 Project..i forgot which one exactly), you forced yourself to put a keyboard in your modification, to make it a real Laptop, in Name and Design. Can I run PS3 discs on my laptop? - Quora You can "run" PS3 discs in your laptop, if your laptop comes with a Blu-Ray reader, or you can buy an external Blu-Ray reader. But if you meant "play", then yes you