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NetBalancer 8.8 on Windows 10 - NetBalancer Netbalancer news article. NetBalancer 8.8 on Windows 10 Tue, 04-Aug-2015. OK, I have to admit, we're really impressed by Microsoft's newly released operating system, Windows 10, with some of our team members already jumping on the "Windows 10" bandwagon. What Is Load Balancing? Types, Configurations, and Best Jan 06, 2020

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Advantages of load balancing: how to configure load Advantages of load balancing. Load balancing is an excellent way to scale out your application and increase its performance and redundancy. Nginx, a popular web server software, can be configured as a simple yet powerful load balancer to improve your servers resource availability and efficiency. Configuring Network Load Balancing in Windows Server 4 Responses to Configuring Network Load Balancing in Windows Server. nazyar says: February 3, 2015 at 8:10 am hi The NLB service will only redirect an incoming request between the web servers that are part of the load balancer thus you just need to open the rules from the NLB server to each Web Server on port 443 (both ways).