Sep 07, 2009 · crond[3293]: (username) ORPHAN (no passwd entry) Ordinarily this is a simple matter, there is no corresponding user, but I am using central authentication and the username does exist and is usable via the standard nsswitch mechanism, so all other programs work with it, pam, ssh etc..

By default, cron will send mail using the mail 'Content-Type:' header of 'text/plain' with the 'charset=' parameter set to the charmap / codeset of the locale in which crond(8) is started up - ie. either the default system locale, if no LC_* environment variables are set, or the locale specified by the LC_* environment variables (see locale(7 That site had a few associated Cron jobs that I would have expected to be removed along with the account. (no passwd entry) ORPHAN (no passwd entry) ORPHAN (no ORPHAN (no passwd entry) 171 查看ORACLE_HOME的另外一个方法 171 更改dmp文件中的字符集 -- dmp2utf8 161 Apr 7 21:00:00 backendsvr crond: (tmp.9093) ORPHAN (no passwd entry) cron을 oracle이 아닌 root로 실행시켜보는 것도 방법입니다.

By default cron will mail any output from the command to the user it is running the command as. If there is no output there will be no mail. If you want cron to send mail to a different account then you can set the MAILTO environment variable in the crontab file e.g. MAILTO=user@somehost.tld 1 2 * * * /path/to/your/command Capture the output

My system details and crontab entry is below: System details: Python: 2.7 OSX : 10.11 host$ crontab -l 11 11 13 10 4 2016 python >> weekly.log | mail -s weekly.log Although when the crontab executes, the email sends me an email message with the subject line saying "weekly.log" with no body.

I also placed one liners in /etc/cron.d or /var/spool/cron/crontabs with the name of the user, but the effect was the same just like if I modified this base crontab file: cron jobs not will be executed:

In menu -> setup -> network -> utilities -> samba After the (couch) update to 5.3.18 I found that samba was stopped and autostart was disabled. I can manually start and stop samba and when running I can see the box/HDD over the network on my Windows 10 laptop which indicates taht samba is actually working.